Symposium Speaker: Anna Miller, BA

Anna Miller is a graduate student in the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Anna earned a Bachelor's of Arts at Albion College with a double major in Biology and Music.  Anna's research interests are broad and span the genetic and environmental aspects of human disease. She uses both traditional and novel statistical and bioinformatic approaches in her work. Outside of the lab, Anna is passionate about science communication, advocating for graduate students, and science policy. Anna is a frequent contributor to The Nascent Transcript, quarterly blog of the American Society of Human Genetics featuring original content by and for trainee members.


Recent Publications

  1. Miller, AK, Tavera, G, Dominguez, RL, Camargo, MC, Waterboer, T, Wilson, KT, Williams, SM, Morgan, DR. Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC1) gene variant (rs2302615) is associated with gastric cancer independently of Helicobacter pylori CagA serostatus. Oncogene 2021; 40 (40): 5963-5969. PubMed PMID:34376808 .
  2. Miller, AK, Williams, SM. Helicobacter pylori infection causes both protective and deleterious effects in human health and disease. Genes Immun 2021; 22 (4): 218-226. PubMed PMID:34244666 PubMed Central PMC8390445.
  3. Miller, AK, Chen, A, Bartlett, J, Wang, L, Williams, SM, Buchner, DA. A Novel Mapping Strategy Utilizing Mouse Chromosome Substitution Strains Identifies Multiple Epistatic Interactions That Regulate Complex Traits. G3 (Bethesda) 2020; 10 (12): 4553-4563. PubMed PMID:33023974 PubMed Central PMC7718749.
  4. Miller, AK, Azhibekov, T, O'Toole, JF, Sedor, JR, Williams, SM, Redline, RW, Bruggeman, LA. Association of preeclampsia with infant APOL1 genotype in African Americans. BMC Med Genet 2020; 21 (1): 110. PubMed PMID:32434471 PubMed Central PMC7238556.
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I had the great opportunity to welcome @cwru new students as the graduate student council president at fall convocation! If you look at the navy blue flag you can juuuust see my pink mask in the back!

test Twitter Media - I had the great opportunity to welcome @cwru new students as the graduate student council president at fall convocation! If you look at the navy blue flag you can juuuust see my pink mask in the back!

Such a pleasure! Check out the recent ASHG Nascent Transcript to hear more about Dr. McCreight's career path! 🧬✏️…

And it's peer reviewed! It's been a busy summer and I'm excited to share this paper in its final form. Read more about a ODC1 gene variant precision medicine-base approach to treat gastric cancer!……

Everything in nature is complex and the effects of H. pylori are no different! I'm happy to share that my review on the protective and deleterious effects of H. pylori infection is out now! 🙂🦠🙁…

Back from a twitter hiatus to share that I have a project out on preprint! A human ODC1 gene variant associates with gastric cancer independent of the H. pylori risk factor, CagA…

I had the opportunity to interview @seesmallthings for the #ASHG Nascent Transcript about their recent paper, “Breaking the binary by coming out as a trans scientist.” Check out more about their work to build inclusive spaces! 🏳️‍⚧️🧬… #ASHGtrainee

Here's a super cool resource to find a close vaccination site! #CuyahogaCounty…

This is timely, but I'm excited to share a Nature Careers Piece about being trans in STEM. Here I share how my lived experiences with my intersectional identities have impacted my ability to find my voice as a scientist. Please read and boost:… (1/3) Retweeted by Anna Miller

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Introducing....a Seminar Series! Join WISHED and @CWRU_SHRC to learn about how #BigData affects women. We can’t wait to see you! First Seminar: 02/25 at 5pm 👩‍🔬… Retweeted by Anna Miller

Volunteers needed to help plan 2021's Biomedical Graduate Student Symposium! Fill out the form to show interest. You'll be contacted with more details regarding committee duties. There will be an interest/transition meeting in mid February!… Retweeted by Anna Miller

to me this isn't about Dr. Biden or the man who wrote that article, it's upsetting that people like him get a platform to repeat their tired opinions while so many of us (esp people who are marginalized) have meaningful things to say but are often not given the opportunity Retweeted by Anna Miller

With two days to go, we need 28 more donors of $2 or more. With 50 donors, @cwru gives us a additional funds! Help fill WISHED‘s plates for an end of the year virtual dinner for our members. @FloraStoneWomen #GivingTuesdayatCWRU #wished… Retweeted by Anna Miller

WISHED (Women in Sciences and Humanities Earning Doctorates) has some great programming coming up. We encourage you to check out their events! Email Joyce Barchet ( from the Women's Center to be added to receive the WISHED newsletter! Retweeted by Anna Miller

The November issue of @GeneticsSociety's trainee Newsletter- Nascent Transcript is out!!! Check out these awesome articles by our writers!👇 Retweeted by Anna Miller