2017 ICB Symposium: Being Precise in Precision Medicine–Measuring Exposures in Diverse Populations

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Confirmed Speaker: Sarah Pendergrass, PhD, MS

Dr. Sarah Pendergrass is Assistant (Investigator I) Professor in the Biomedical and Translational Informatics Program at Geisinger Health System.  Dr. Pendergrass is a genetic bioinformatician who focuses on high-throughput data analysis and data-mining approaches to studying complex human diseases and traits.  Dr. Pendergrass has extensive experience in using both epidemiologic and clinic-based resources to perform phenome-wide association studies (PheWAS) to identify cross-phenotype associations and pleiotropy.  Dr. Pendergrass also develops software tools to visualize complex data.  In recognition for her innovative work, Dr. Pendergrass was named one of Genome Technology’s PIs of Tomorrow (2013).

Confirmed Speaker: Erin Ramos, PhD, MPH

Dr. Erin Ramos is an epidemiologist in the Division of Genomic Medicine, National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). She manages a portfolio of research in population genomics including a collaborative project to develop a set of standardized phenotypic and exposure measures for use in genome-wide association studies and related research.  This collaborative project is known as the PhenX (consensus measures for Phenotypes and eXposures) ToolKit, a community resource designed to enable cross-study collaborations.

Confirmed Speaker: Jennifer Schrack, PhD, MS

Dr. Jennifer Schrack is Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Dr. Schrack's primary area of research is the epidemiological assessment of physical activity energy expenditure and its associations with functional decline and disability in older populations.

Confirmed Speaker: Erika Trapl, PhD, MS

Dr. Erika Trapl is Assistant Professor in the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and Acting Director of the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods.  Dr. Trapl's research interests include little cigar and cigarillo use in the Cleveland area.

Confirmed Speaker: Monica Webb Hooper, PhD

Dr. Monica Webb Hooper is Director of the Office of Cancer Disparities Research at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and Professor of Oncology, Family Medicine, and Psychological Sciences at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.  Dr. Webb Hooper is a clinical health psychologist whose research interests are in the health behavior change of cancer risk behaviors, with an emphasis on the intersection between cancer prevention and control, and minority health and disparity elimination.

Confirmed Speaker: Stefanie Ebelt Sarnat, ScD, MSc

Dr. Stefanie Ebelt Sarnat is Associate Professor of Environmental Health at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health.  Dr. Sarnat's primary areas of research interest include air pollution, climate, and their impacts on human health.

Confirmed Speaker: Misa Graff, PhD, MS

Dr. Misa Graff is Research Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health. Dr. Graff's research interests focus on the genetics of obesity and cardiovascular disease risk traits, with an overarching goal of integrating understanding of both genetic and environmental risk factors for disease, particularly among minority populations.

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