Satya Sahoo, PhD

Satya S. Sahoo. PhD, is an associate professor and the director of the Biomedical & Health Informatics PhD program in the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences with CWRU's School of Medicine. His research is focused on developing new data and metadata representation and analysis techniques for biomedical and healthcare research. Dr. Sahoo has led the development of four ontologies in multiple domains, including one for complex neurological disorder, such as epilepsy.

Using the Epilepsy and Seizure Ontology (EpSO), his group is focused on the analysis of brain connectivity data for characterizing epilepsy seizure networks using computational neuroscience approaches. To address the challenges of data quality and scientific reproducibility in data-driven biomedical research, Dr. Sahoo and his group are also developing a comprehensive framework for provenance metadata using provenance ontology and text mining of all 1.6 million full-text published articles from NCBI PubMed Central.