The ultimate goal of our activities in to learn. Our efforts in data integration and analysis culminate in the production of new knowledge of how basic biology, behavior, and clinical practice all impact human health.  Our researchers have a long history of contributing to the biomedical literature – our faculty have collectively published over 900 peer-reviewed papers.  These include the discovery of new genes for Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s Disease (among many others), the re-purposing of existing clinical and genetic data for discovering the molecular mechanisms of hypothyroidism and the influence of Neanderthal ancestry in modern humans.

Beyond publications, we consider the education and mentorship of trainees to be a critical part of contributing to the future of science.  Our faculty have mentored trainees who have since taken positions at the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  The majority of these students have entered our labs with little analytical training or expertise (most have a biology background), and have graduated with the programming and analysis skills needed to manipulate large-scale datasets.  Our faculty are affiliated with multiple educational programs at Case Western Reserve University (a full list can be found here).      

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