About updated 9.2021



The Institute, housed at Case Western Reserve University, convenes a wide range of researchers and professionals for intellectual exchange, to support one another’s work, and to serve as consultants on a variety of inquiries.

We lead and/or support regional, national, and international collaborations that seek to improve individual, public, and population health drawing on related disciplines:

  • Genetic and population epidemiology
  • Genomic variation
  • Translational clinical research


The Cleveland Institute for Computational Biology advances fundamental knowledge of human biology through the application of computational methods to large and diverse datasets. We promote the translation of our work into better diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prevention, and delivery of health care to individuals and communities.



We consider a 360- degree view of human biology – from the cell to the individual to whole populations. And we champion diversity – from those who frame and conduct the research to all who participate as engaged subjects and controls so that everyone benefits.