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Day 2 of #SINGUSA2022. This year’s theme is Indigenous Data Sovereignty and I’m ready with my Native swag! #IDSov @SINGConsortium

test Twitter Media - Day 2 of #SINGUSA2022. This year’s theme is Indigenous Data Sovereignty and I’m ready with my Native swag! #IDSov @SINGConsortium

Excited to hear that the CDC authorized COVID19 vaccines for our littlest group. My girls had COVID19 this past winter. But I’m still going to get them vaccinated. Here’s why…… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Early access to "Ethical Guidance in Human Paleogenomics: New and Ongoing Perspectives" is available now! It was so great to collaborate with Raquel Fleskes, Alyssa Bader, @kstsosie @drkatclaw & @NanibaaGarrison on this piece.… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

11/14 Science is reductive, and the simple model of continental categories has been useful. But all models have their legitimate domains of application, limitations and inherent biases. A much more complex set of models should now be the norm across a wide variety of use cases. Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

1/14 Out today in @ScienceMagazine GETTING GENETIC ANCESTRY RIGHT FOR SCIENCE AND SOCIETY, in which we argue for the scientific and ethical imperative to move away from the use of continental ancestry categories. A 🧵… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

@native4data That’s why all my friends are virtual! 😂

Join us for the first @ClinGenResource Ancestry and Diversity Working Group #ELSIconversation series! This series seeks to broaden the scope of community engagement & ensure guideline development is informed by robust, transdisciplinary deliberations:…… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Hey all! T32 Postdoctoral Fellowships available in ELSI Research to conduct independent research on ethical, legal and social considerations arising from genetics and genomics.… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

It’s finally published! Title: Cultural identity central to Native American persistence in science The article is available online here… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

@EtienneT_Esq My dad kept a copy of his dissertation draft in the freezer. It was the safest place in case of a fire or other event.

Congrats if you still haven’t caught #Omicron or #COVID19 yet after 2 years! Some think I fear-monger. No—there is a public health duty to warn. Precautionary principle saves lives. Stay safe my friends thx 🙏 Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

@nativehydro I’m still not traveling to anything! Not now and not for a long time. The risk isn’t worth it. Scary how sneaky the virus is at spreading.

New in @FrontGenetics: @drkatclaw & co-authors explore key concerns, needs, and desires of Navajo people regarding #genetic research. CC: @Rene_Begay @NanibaaGarrison Read the full article here:… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

In addition to this magnificent response to the "aDNA guidelines" by @kstsosie et al, Mehmet Somel et al. (including me) highlight yet another hole: the lack of commitment to equitable local collaborations in lower income places…… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Our recently funded NARCH grant will address these very important points!… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

It was so important to collaborate with community partners to recruit participants for this survey! Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Age, gender, religious/spiritual beliefs, and agency did not seem to influence peoples’ opinions and/or willingness to participate in future studies. Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Instead, the survey respondents overwhelmingly wanted more genetics education, further consultation at the Chapter and Agency level, and communication to assess for themselves. Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

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