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In addition to this magnificent response to the "aDNA guidelines" by @kstsosie et al, Mehmet Somel et al. (including me) highlight yet another hole: the lack of commitment to equitable local collaborations in lower income places…… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Our recently funded NARCH grant will address these very important points!… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

It was so important to collaborate with community partners to recruit participants for this survey! Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Age, gender, religious/spiritual beliefs, and agency did not seem to influence peoples’ opinions and/or willingness to participate in future studies. Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Instead, the survey respondents overwhelmingly wanted more genetics education, further consultation at the Chapter and Agency level, and communication to assess for themselves. Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Potentially allowing research related to health and disease of Navajo people was important. Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

test Twitter Media - RT @drkatclaw: Potentially allowing research related to health and disease of Navajo people was important.

The Navajo Nation placed a moratorium on genetic research studies in 2002. A “moratorium on genetic research studies conducted within the jurisdiction of the Navajo Nation until such time that a Navajo Nation Human Research Code has been amended by the Navajo Nation Council” Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Before participating in the survey, 63% of respondents did NOT know about the Navajo Nation’s moratorium on genetic research. Similarly, 46% of respondents were NOT SURE if the moratorium should be lifted. Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Cultural leaders are essential. “With strong policy and regulations in place, the moratorium should be lifted so that research can be done to address the monsters ailing our people. Diné people have the benefit of using both traditional and western medicine to address illness.” Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

This work could not have been done without our partnership with the Diné Policy Institute! Dr. Frank Begay, Michael Parrish, Majerle Lister, Travis Teller Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Honored to present our collaborative paper on #Navajo perspectives on Genetic Research! @NanibaaGarrison @Rene_Begay Perspectives on Genetic Research: Results From a Survey of Navajo Community Members… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

NEW paper! Survey results from the Navajo community and their thoughts about genetics and the #Navajo Nation moratorium on genetics research. Thank you @drkatclaw @NanibaaGarrison and coauthors who contributed to this work. #Diné #Genomics #IndigenousScience Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

I really need faculty out there to STOP requiring that your students interview another faculty member for an assignment. Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Job opening in my department! Reach out if you’d like to chat about it. Applications are due Oct 31.…

The due date for the job in my dept. has been extended until Oct. 31! If you're a scholar who can imagine themselves even remotely in the description in the ad, do apply! Don't self-select out (and you don't have to work on genetics, I promise you). Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Presidential Symposium at #ASHG21 focusing on how we need to invest in communities, not just engage or recruit from.

Ok, here we go...Super honored to be on this panel! #ASHG21 Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

test Twitter Media - RT @drkatclaw: Ok, here we go...Super honored to be on this panel! #ASHG21

Fantastic Presidential Symposium talk by @drkatclaw at #ASHG21 on diversity and inclusion, including how we ALL need to be better ethical scientists and drew from personal stories being an n=1 as a trainee. Also cited important work by the @SINGConsortium

Fantastic truth bomb by @NanibaaGarrison: "Science will become more amazing" when (I'm paraphrasing) we pay more attention to diversity and get these people to the table instead of focusing just on numbers. #ASHG21 Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

Looking forward to today's #ASHG21 session "Workforce diversity in genomics: Equity and the meaning of inclusion” with @VenceBonham, @sandrasoojinlee @NanibaaGarrison, & @DrCHWilkins.… Retweeted by Nanibaa' Garrison

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