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I am excited to announce that I have accepted a position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Computational Biomedicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Soon, I will be recruiting talented scientists to join me on this exciting journey!

I am hiring a software engineer to develop & lead a team of 3-5 coders to develop automated machine learning methods & software for biomedical research. AI/ML exp preferred. Please RT! Apply here… #automl #bioinformatics #datascience Retweeted by Ruowang Li, PhD

@MarylynRitchie Congratulations Marylyn! This is amazing!

Congratulations Marylyn!!…

Nice! I will download and try it out.…

"We categorised a continuous variable, then entered the categorised variable as a continuous variable in our regression model." Very cool. Retweeted by Ruowang Li, PhD

The Cava lab is up and running! We're recruiting a post-doc to study the interpretabilty and fairness of clinical ML models. Please share!… Retweeted by Ruowang Li, PhD

The extent and impact of mislabeled test-set data in ML is astounding. Apparent model improvement is often via better fitting of test errors. New method for efficiently finding errors in large test sets. We need to apply this to biomedical datasets… Retweeted by Ruowang Li, PhD

Agree. But PRS research is just getting started. It should have more clinical impact in the future.…

I’m safe on Mars. Perseverance will get you anywhere. #CountdownToMars Retweeted by Ruowang Li, PhD

Recalibrating the Use of Race in Medical Research via @JAMA_current part of @JAMANetwork

Our new paper with Rui Duan, @MarylynRitchie @chenyong1203, and @moorejh on "Lossless integration of multiple electronic health records for identifying pleiotropy using summary statistics" has been published by @NatureComms

Lessons Learned from Bugs in Models of Human History… The differences in PRS between populations are not as large as reported before.

MIT's class on Machine Learning in Healthcare is now available for free on MIT's OpenCourseWare! All videos, slides, and lecture notes can be found here:…… Retweeted by Ruowang Li, PhD

2009: done with undergrad, time to get a job! news: *world-wide economic collapse* 2020: done with post doc, time to be a professor! news:… Retweeted by Ruowang Li, PhD

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Professor of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences and Associate Director of the Cleveland Institute for Computational Biology, with interest in pharmacogenomics, electronic health records, and diverse populations. Also, an avid foodie!