Assistant Director for Education

Chun Li, Ph.D. is an Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences.  He has exten­sive expe­ri­ence in sta­tis­ti­cal genet­ics research and genetic data analy­sis.  He is cur­rently work­ing on devel­op­ing meth­ods for detect­ing somatic changes using next-generation sequenc­ing data.  He is also inter­ested in devel­op­ing meth­ods to effi­ciently mine elec­tronic med­ical records.  Active in col­lab­o­ra­tive research, he has been work­ing with inves­ti­ga­tors in var­i­ous fields such as can­cer epi­demi­ol­ogy, clin­i­cal phar­ma­col­ogy, oph­thal­mol­ogy, car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease, autism, type 2 dia­betes, etc.  He has pub­lished in Nature Genet­ics, New Eng­land Jour­nal of Med­i­cine, Blood, Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Human Genet­ics, Bioinformatics, etc.



Recent Publications

  1. Pan, Y, Wallace, TC, Karosas, T, Bennett, DA, Agarwal, P, Chung, M. Association of Egg Intake With Alzheimer's Dementia Risk in Older Adults: The Rush Memory and Aging Project. J Nutr 2024; : . PubMed PMID:38782209 .
  2. Chun, J, Sung, YN, An, S, Hong, SM. Oncocytic Type Has Distinct Immunohistochemical and Recurrence-Free Survival than Other Histologic Types of the Intraductal Papillary Neoplasm of the Bile Duct. Hum Pathol 2024; : . PubMed PMID:38782100 .
  3. Yang, HB, Song, JY, Xu, C, Li, J, Zhang, C, Xie, S, Teng, CL. Interventional effects of Pueraria oral liquid on T2DM rats and metabolomics analysis. Biomed Pharmacother 2024; 175 : 116780. PubMed PMID:38781864 .
  4. Penela, D, Berruezo, A, Roten, L, Futyma, P, Richter, S, Falasconi, G, Providencia, R, Chun, J. Cardioneuroablation for vasovagal syncope: insights on patients' selection, centre settings, procedural workflow and endpoints-results from an European Heart Rhythm Association survey. Europace 2024; 26 (5): . PubMed PMID:38781099 .
  5. Islam, MA, Chun, J. Effects of derivatization coupled with GC-FID analysis of cholesterol in some bakery products. Heliyon 2024; 10 (10): e30596. PubMed PMID:38778986 PubMed Central PMC11108830.
  6. Chun, IK, Lee, S. Papillary Thyroid Cancer, Small Cell Lung Cancer, and Parathyroid Adenoma Synchronously Visualized on 99mTc-MIBI SPECT/CT in a Patient With Hyperparathyroidism: Comparison With 18F-FDG PET/CT. Clin Nucl Med 2024; : . PubMed PMID:38778473 .
  7. Abdelraheem, O, Salama, M, Chun, S. Impact of digital interventions and online health communities in patient activation: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Int J Med Inform 2024; 188 : 105481. PubMed PMID:38776718 .
  8. Wang, H, Zhang, Y, Yu, D, Li, Y, Ding, Y, He, Y, Sun, L. A review of the research progress on Artemisia argyi Folium: botany, phytochemistry, pharmacological activities, and clinical application. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol 2024; : . PubMed PMID:38775853 .
  9. Morra, S, Incesu, RB, Scheipner, L, Baudo, A, Jannello, LMI, Siech, C, de Angelis, M, Tian, Z, Creta, M, Califano, G et al.. Survival benefit of nephroureterectomy in systemic therapy exposed metastatic upper tract urinary urothelial carcinoma patients. World J Urol 2024; 42 (1): 343. PubMed PMID:38775841 .
  10. Soto, RA, Vahey, GM, Marshall, KE, McDonald, E, Herlihy, R, Chun, HM, Killerby, ME, Kawasaki, B, Midgley, CM, Alden, NB et al.. The role and limitations of electronic medical records versus patient interviews for determining symptoms, underlying comorbidities, and medication usage for patients with COVID-19. Am J Epidemiol 2024; : . PubMed PMID:38775290 .
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