Post-Doctoral Researchers

Sandra Smieszek, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandra Smieszek is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics working for Dr. William Bush and Dr. Jonathan Haines. Sandra completed her PhD at the Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology at Royal Holloway, University of London under the supervision of Dr. Paul Devlin. Her research focuses on translating biomedical ‘big data’ with the aim of elucidating the human genotype-phenotype associations. Specifically her research focuses on delineating the genetic underpinnings of complex traits and disorders with emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease, HIV-associated phenotypes, and Autism Spectrum Disorder among others. Her particular interests include application of concepts within the domains of translational bioinformatics, machine learning, systems biology and network inference to elucidate the complex interactions giving rise to observed phenotypes. Her previous research was in the domain of the circadian clock working on various types of ‘omic’ time series data. She is a member of International Society of Computational Biology, American Society of Human Genetics and Society of Biology with avid interest in synthetic genomics, genetic engineering and science policy.