Symposium Speaker: Erika Trapl, PhD, MS

Dr. Erika Trapl is Assistant Professor in the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and Acting Director of the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods.  Dr. Trapl's research interests include little cigar and cigarillo use in the Cleveland area.

Recent Publications

  1. Kim-Mozeleski, JE, Pike Moore, SN, Trapl, ES, Perzynski, AT, Tsoh, JY, Gunzler, DD. Food Insecurity Trajectories in the US During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Prev Chronic Dis 2023; 20 : E03. PubMed PMID:36657063 .
  2. Sterling, KL, Masyn, K, Moore, SP, Fryer, CS, Trapl, E, Shang, C, Gunzler, D. Tobacco Whack-A-Mole: A Consumption Taxonomy of Cigar & Other Combustible Tobacco Products among a Nationally Representative Sample of Young Adults. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022; 19 (22): . PubMed PMID:36429968 PubMed Central PMC9690741.
  3. Pike Moore, S, Osborn, C, Koopman Gonzalez, S, Quisenberry, A, Klein, EG, Kaur, M, Suratkal, J, Trapl, E. Flavour loyalty may predict cessation or substitution following a cigarillo flavour ban among young adults in the USA. Tob Control 2022; 31 (Suppl 3): s206-s213. PubMed PMID:36328462 PubMed Central PMC9641532.
  4. Omoijuanfo, EO, Williams, JT, Qua, K, Cullen, J, Trapl, E, Owusu, C, Junk, DJ, Berger, NA. Disparities Education Strategies in the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center STEM Focused Youth Enjoy Science Program. J STEM Outreach 2022; 5 (2): . PubMed PMID:36200123 PubMed Central PMC9531531.
  5. Abeyesundere, N, Osborn, CC, Pike Moore, S, Suratkal, JP, Kaur, M, Otieno, C, Quisenberry, AJ, Klein, EG, Trapl, ES. Substitution of flavored cigarillos with menthol cigarettes among young adults in the U.S. Drug Alcohol Depend 2022; 239 : 109603. PubMed PMID:35987085 .
  6. Lee, E, Moore, SP, Trapl, E, Fryer, CS, Gunzler, D, Sterling, KL. Changes in Little Cigar and Cigarillo Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of a Nationally Representative Sample of Young Adult Users. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022; 19 (15): . PubMed PMID:35897303 PubMed Central PMC9331994.
  7. Trapl, E, Pike Moore, S, Osborn, C, Gupta, N, Love, TE, Kinzy, TG, Kinsella, A, Frank, S. Evaluation of Restrictions on Tobacco Sales to Youth Younger Than 21 Years in Cleveland, Ohio, Area. JAMA Netw Open 2022; 5 (7): e2222987. PubMed PMID:35819781 PubMed Central PMC9277498.
  8. Osborn, CC, Suratkal, JP, Pike Moore, SN, Koopman Gonzalez, S, Sterling, KL, Quisenberry, AJ, Klein, EG, Trapl, ES. Dissonance in Young Adult Cigarillo Users' Categorization of Concept Flavored and Unflavored Products. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022; 19 (12): . PubMed PMID:35742467 PubMed Central PMC9223595.
  9. Basourakos, SP, Gulati, R, Vince, RA Jr, Spratt, DE, Lewicki, PJ, Hill, A, Nyame, YA, Cullen, J, Markt, SC, Barbieri, CE et al.. Harm-to-Benefit of Three Decades of Prostate Cancer Screening in Black Men. NEJM Evid 2022; 1 (6): . PubMed PMID:35721307 PubMed Central PMC9202998.
  10. Glasser, AM, Nemeth, JM, Quisenberry, AJ, Shoben, AB, Trapl, ES, Klein, EG. Cigarillo Flavor and Motivation to Quit among Co-Users of Cigarillos and Cannabis: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2022; 19 (9): . PubMed PMID:35565122 PubMed Central PMC9101063.
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