Symposium Speaker: Minoli Perera, PharmD, PhD

Dr. Perera is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Center for Pharmacogenomics at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine.  With expertise in pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacology and human genetics, Dr. Perera focuses her research interests on pharmacogenomics in minority populations.  Examples of her work include identifying common genetic variants associated with warfarin dose and identifying genomic risk factors for venous thromboembolism, both in African Americans.  Dr. Perera anticipates that results from these and other multidisciplinary studies will allow the development of an economically sustainable program in clinical pharmacogenetics, including a consult service.  Overall, Dr. Perera's goal is to bring meaningful translation of pharmacogenetics research findings into clinical care, a goal very much consistent with precision medicine.

Recent Publications

  1. Perera, DDBD, Perera, KML, Peiris, DC. A Novel In Silico Benchmarked Pipeline Capable of Complete Protein Analysis: A Possible Tool for Potential Drug Discovery. Biology (Basel) 2021; 10 (11): . PubMed PMID:34827106 PubMed Central PMC8615085.
  2. De, T, Zhang, H, Alarcon, C, Lec, B, Avitia, J, Smithberger, E, Chen, C, Horvath, M, Kwan, S, Young, M et al.. Genetic association of primary nonresponse to anti-TNFα therapy in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Pharmacogenet Genomics 2022; 32 (1): 1-9. PubMed PMID:34380996 PubMed Central PMC8578201.
  3. Garofano, K, Park, CS, Alarcon, C, Avitia, J, Barbour, A, Diemert, D, Fraser, CM, Friedman, PN, Horvath, A, Rashid, K et al.. Differences in the Platelet mRNA Landscape Portend Racial Disparities in Platelet Function and Suggest Novel Therapeutic Targets. Clin Pharmacol Ther 2021; 110 (3): 702-713. PubMed PMID:34255863 .
  4. Singh, A, Zhong, Y, Nahlawi, L, Park, CS, De, T, Alarcon, C, Perera, MA. Incorporation of DNA methylation into eQTL mapping in African Americans. Pac Symp Biocomput 2021; 26 : 244-255. PubMed PMID:33691021 PubMed Central PMC7958994.
  5. Zhong, Y, De, T, Alarcon, C, Park, CS, Lec, B, Perera, MA. Discovery of novel hepatocyte eQTLs in African Americans. PLoS Genet 2020; 16 (4): e1008662. PubMed PMID:32310939 PubMed Central PMC7192504.
  6. Agrawal, S, Heiss, MS, Fenter, RB, Abramova, TV, Perera, MA, Pacheco, JA, Smith, ME, Rasmussen-Torvik, LJ, George, AL Jr. Impact of CYP2C9-Interacting Drugs on Warfarin Pharmacogenomics. Clin Transl Sci 2020; 13 (5): 941-949. PubMed PMID:32270628 PubMed Central PMC7485961.
  7. Nooruddin, M, Scherr, C, Friedman, P, Subrahmanyam, R, Banagan, J, Moreno, D, Sathyanarayanan, M, Nutescu, E, Jeyaram, T, Harris, M et al.. Why African Americans say "No": A Study of Pharmacogenomic Research Participation. Ethn Dis 2020; 30 (Suppl 1): 159-166. PubMed PMID:32269457 PubMed Central PMC7138442.
  8. Asiimwe, IG, Zhang, EJ, Osanlou, R, Krause, A, Dillon, C, Suarez-Kurtz, G, Zhang, H, Perini, JA, Renta, JY, Duconge, J et al.. Genetic Factors Influencing Warfarin Dose in Black-African Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Clin Pharmacol Ther 2020; 107 (6): 1420-1433. PubMed PMID:31869433 PubMed Central PMC7217737.
  9. Perera, M. Leaving some behind: the growing gap in precision medicine for minority populations. Expert Rev Precis Med Drug Dev 2019; 4 (1): 3-5. PubMed PMID:31681851 PubMed Central PMC6824595.
  10. Hernandez, W, Danahey, K, Pei, X, Yeo, KJ, Leung, E, Volchenboum, SL, Ratain, MJ, Meltzer, DO, Stranger, BE, Perera, MA et al.. Pharmacogenomic genotypes define genetic ancestry in patients and enable population-specific genomic implementation. Pharmacogenomics J 2020; 20 (1): 126-135. PubMed PMID:31506565 PubMed Central PMC7184888.
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Dr. Perera on Twitter

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Fun Halloween trick-or treating with an emphasis on TREATS at the Perera Lab!

test Twitter Media - Fun Halloween trick-or treating with an emphasis on TREATS at the Perera Lab!
test Twitter Media - Fun Halloween trick-or treating with an emphasis on TREATS at the Perera Lab!

@calhoujd When candy is involve we...we are serious!

test Twitter Media - @calhoujd When candy is involve we...we are serious!

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