Symposium Speaker: Gerneiva Parkinson, MD

Dr. Gerneiva Parkinson received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with honors at Howard University and her Doctoral of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine.  While at Yale, she was a Doris Duke Charitable Foundation International Clinical Research Fellow (2015-2016) and a Global Health Leadership Initiative fellow (2015).  Dr. Parkinson is currently a resident of general surgery at Yale University School of Medicine.   Dr. Parkinson is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, and her current research interests include breast cancer screening in the Caribbean.  Dr. Parkinson's was recognized at the 2016 Annual Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Conference with the Best Resident/Student award.  More recently, Dr. Parkinson was awarded a research grant from Color Genomics to implement genetic screening efforts for breast cancer in Trinidad and Tobago.  

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