Symposium Speaker: María Ávila-Arcos, PhD

Dr. María Ávila-Arcos is Assistant Professor at the International Laboratory for Human Genome Research at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.  María earned a PhD in paleogenomics from the University of Copenhagen and trained as a post-doctoral fellow in population genomics and global health at Stanford University.  María's previous work included the characterization of ancient genomes with an emphasis on the New World using emerging sequencing technologies and statistical methods.  María is currently PI of the Afro-Mexico Genomics Project, a project that aims to characterize the contribution of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade to admixture observed in present-day Mexico.  As part of this project, she and her research team have developed culturally-sensitive informed consent protocols and approaches to returning genetic ancestry results to participants.  The Ávila-Arcos lab also has projects related to Prehispanic Mexico and Colonialism's impact on genetic diversity over time with possible implications for contemporary disease risk and precision medicine opportunities in populations traditionally underrepresented in genomics. 

Recent Publications

  1. Somel, M, Altınışık, NE, Özer, F, Ávila-Arcos, MC. Collaborate equitably in ancient DNA research and beyond. Nature 2021; 600 (7887): 37. PubMed PMID:34848866 .
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32 years ago today, 14 women, most of whom were studying engineering, were killed by an anti-feminist gun man at École Polytechnique in Montreal. I was a young graduate student studying physics at the time and I will never forget. #MontrealMassacre #NeverForget #WomenInSTEM🕯️ Retweeted by paleogenomics

@cj_battey @brown_birds whoa! pretty different if you as a Mexican.

‘Colonial entitlement leads to scientists sailing around the world to gather water samples, professors picking up rocks on hikes for pedagogical show and tell, and scientists crunching numbers in datasets that seem landless, so they deem no permissions necessary.’… Retweeted by paleogenomics

New postdoc call to start during 2022. A fully funded postdoc position to study population genomics in a big dataset of primate WGS. Previous experience with theory and popgen required. Funded by @ERC_Research Please RT. Thanks! Contact me by email if interested. Retweeted by paleogenomics

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test Twitter Media - Hej @mx_ikea he recibido 8 correos diciendo que mi pedido viene en camino mediante @99minutos desde la semana pasada y no llega. El correo de hoy vuelve a decir que viene en camino, pero su motociclista creo que se salió de ruta pues anda por el Golfo de Biafra.

This response (which is a fraction of the original write up) wanted to criticize practices in which well-funded labs do not allow local 'collaborators' to gain in-hands aDNA lab experience, nor share control over data and analyses, publication timelines, etc.

In addition to this magnificent response to the "aDNA guidelines" by @kstsosie et al, Mehmet Somel et al. (including me) highlight yet another hole: the lack of commitment to equitable local collaborations in lower income places……

@YrachetaJM @JenniferRaff @kstsosie @KeoluFox @NanibaaGarrison @DeborahBolnick @rickwasmith They are different, but it is by no means an excuse to do nothing. Also forget the politics! Politics are racist and exclusionary here, we need to be guided by human rights and ethical grounds.

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It is emotionally draining and stressful at times. Having a community supporting means a lot.

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