Past Crew Member: Kimberly Heath Borrero

Previous Positions

CWRU HLB Summer Research Program, Crawford Summer Research Volunteer (2017)

Undergraduate, University of Puerto Rico Ponce (2015-2017)

Current Position

Undergraduate, University of Illinois at Chicago (2018-present)

Research Interests

Kim volunteered for summer research in the Crawford lab between her sophomore and junior year as an undergraduate at the University of Puerto Rico Ponce.  Kim is currently a pre-med student and has a general interest in biomedical research.  Kim came to CWRU as part of the Heart, Lung, Blood Summer Research Program, and she spent the summer accessing and cleaning the genome-wide data generated on patients with chronic kidney disease from the MetroHealth/Institute for Computational Biology Pilot study (MIPs).  Kim also began estimating local genetic ancestry in anticipation of downstream genetic association studies of factors that contribute to disease progression, including the development of cardiovascular disease in this high risk patient population.

Curriculum Vitae