Jonathan Haines, PhD, and Will Bush, PhD, Part of International Collaboration that Makes Landmark Breakthroughs

An international study analyzing data from more than 94,000 people identified five new genes related to Alzheimer’s disease. The study also supports developing evidence that groups of genes associated with specific biological processes serve as genetic “hubs” that play an important role in the disease process. Funded in part by the National Institute on Aging […]

Chun Li, PhD, secures NIH grant on novel statistical methods

Chun Li, PhD, secures NIH grant to expand work on novel statistical methods In collaboration with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, CWRU researcher is developing techniques applied to the study of complex, chronic health conditions Cleveland, Ohio – A woman diagnosed with HIV works with her care team who consider many variables in tailoring a treatment […]

Jonathan Haines, PhD, secures $14.6 million grant to study Alzheimer’s disease across diverse populations

Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, such as memory loss or cognitive decline, can present in different ways among people with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Researchers know that a complex mix of social, behavioral, and genetic variables can impact the onset and progression of this disease. Recent studies show that the multiple genetic markers of Alzheimer’s can vary among […]