2019 AMIA Informatics Summit in San Francisco, CA

Every year, March comes in like a lion. For CLE, that could translate into a spring blizzard or early bulbs. It’s anyone’s guess. One thing’s for sure, though–AMIA’s Informatics Summit has a say before March leaves us like a lamb. Like clockwork, the 2019 AMIA Informatics Summit, formerly the Joints Summits on Translational Science, was […]

American Society of Nephrology (ASN) 2018 in San Diego, CA

Moving institutions can be stressful, but it also has its rewards. One real reward is the potential for new and meaningful collaborations. In moving to Case Western Reserve University, I have had the fortune of meeting Drs. John Sedor and John O’Toole. I met the two soon after I joined the faculty of the new […]

2019 SACNAS Graduate Student Oral Presentation Awards

The  Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Institute for Computational Biology sponsored awards for graduate student oral presentations at the 2019 SACNAS The National Diversity is STEM Conference in Honolulu, Hawai’i.  This year, three students qualified for our discipline:   Melissa Roberts University of California, Berkeley A Genetic Strategy to Identify Lipid Droplet Protein Degradation Pathways       Stephanie L. Silva-Del […]

2019 SACNAS Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award (Carleson)

Nicholas Carleson Oregon State University Corvallis, OR   Gene Duplication, Pathogenicity, and Genome Plasticity of Phytophthora ramorum Nicholas Carleson*1; Brian Knaus1; Meredith Larsen2; Caroline Press2 and Niklaus Grünwald2, (1)Oregon State University, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, (2)Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service Clonally reproducing plant pathogens, that do […]

2019 SACNAS Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award (Silva-Del Toro)

Stephanie L. Silva-Del Toro University of Iowa Iowa City, IA   Mechanisms of H. Pylori-Induced Neutrophil Nuclear Hypersegmentation Stephanie L. Silva-Del Toro*, University of Iowa and Lee-Ann Allen, University of Iowa Inflammation Program Helicobacter pylori is a human pathogen that resides in the gastric mucosa, eliciting a neutrophil (PMN) dominant inflammatory response that can progress […]

2019 SACNAS Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award (Roberts)

Melissa Roberts University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA   A Genetic Strategy to Identify Lipid Droplet Protein Degradation Pathways Melissa Roberts*1; Dara Leto2; Julian Stevenson1; Kartoosh Heydari1; Lawrence Bacudio1; Ron Kopito2; Michael Bassik2 and James Olzmann1, (1)University of California, Berkeley, (2)Stanford University Nearly all cells store lipids in endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-derived organelles called lipid droplets […]

Total Exposure Health, Bethesda, MD, September 6-7, 2018

For those of us trained in human genetics, we know that pretty much any trait or disease has a heritable component.  Yet, no matter how big, we also know heritability (additive genetics) is only part of story.  The environment, alone and in combination or interaction with genetics, and gene-gene interactions also affect phenotypes.  It’s complex, […]

2018 ABRCMS, Indianapolis, IN

Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)
November 14-17, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN
Final Program

One Million Genomes: From Discovery to Health, Keystone Symposia, Hannover, Germany, June 4-8, 2018

The little paper that could.  What that might be?  You know, that little project based on a small sample size that generated big opportunities.  Ever had one of those?  Well, we recently did. The “we” in this post was our MetroHealth/Institute for Computational Biology Pilot study, affectionately known as MIPs.  Collaborators Drs. John Sedor and […]

The 2018 Wrap Up

What can I say–this end-of-the-year update is extremely late.  I mean, it’s February and 2019 is well underway.  I blame it on the polar vortex.  Actually, this was supposed to be a 2018 summer update, so it is not fair to blame the CLE winter for my tardiness. Ah, summer (Figure 1).  Where did you […]