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The investment in science in Mexico is the lowest of the OECD. The sadest part, trends indacate it will continue to be so, regardless of the governing party… Retweeted by paleogenomics

Early access to "Ethical Guidance in Human Paleogenomics: New and Ongoing Perspectives" is available now! It was so great to collaborate with Raquel Fleskes, Alyssa Bader, @kstsosie @drkatclaw & @NanibaaGarrison on this piece.… Retweeted by paleogenomics

If you're interested in virus evolution, this is a classic graph showing mutation rate by kingdom/pathogen/high level categories. Double-stranded DNA viruses mutate more slowly than RNA viruses, but faster than bacteria.… Retweeted by paleogenomics

We are excited to share our latest article which came out today in @AJHGNews! In this study we investigate genetic factors involved in preeclampsia (a severe complication of pregnancy) in a sample of Andean families 👪 from the Peruvian highlands🏔️ 1/n 🧵…… Retweeted by paleogenomics

@diegmej Ya llegué de aguafiestas… no existe el gen Mexicano . Sólo existe el gen del mal. Lo tenía Walt Disney.

Hoy Día Internacional de los Museos exigimos inclusión del pasado y presente de las poblaciones afromexicanas en los museos de México! Retweeted by paleogenomics

Super happy to share our latest preprint w/ @Bernard_Y_Kim @arundurvasula @lohmueller @sr_sankararaman on detecting adaptive introgression in humans using a machine learning-based method called MaLAdapt (1/7)… Retweeted by paleogenomics

Two of our undergraduate students had a whale of a time last week extracting ancient DNA from marine mammal bones. 🐳🐋🧬🥼Check out our website for more information on our lab team and current projects:… #archaeology #ancientDNA #archaeologylabs Retweeted by paleogenomics

Solicitamos donaciones para cubrir los gastos de traslado y comida de las 40 Madres Buscadoras que se inscribieron al Taller Forense para Madres Buscadoras impartido por el #GIASF. El conocimiento forense debe estar al alcance de todas. ¡Gracias a tod@s! Retweeted by paleogenomics

Débora Brandt, @christiandhuber , @CharlestonCWKC and I are organizing the global virtual symposia "Using Ancestral Recombination Graphs (ARGs) to Infer Evolutionary Processes" on September 30, 2022. Abstract submission and registration are open! (1/2)… Retweeted by paleogenomics

Come join us! We are looking for a postdoc in ancient plant genomics to be filled from October 2022. For more details please contact: Retweeted by paleogenomics

🚨Deadline for proposal submissions has been extended to the 23rd of May 🚨 @OfficialSMBE will grant up to $25k through @SMBE_IDEA to initiatives that help reduce inequities in molecular biology and evolution.… Retweeted by paleogenomics

there are good reasons to push back against efforts to censor science, but there does not, and should not, and can not exist an inalienable right to carry out and publish scientific research with no regard for how it used and how it impacts peoples' lives Retweeted by paleogenomics

Two opening postdoc positions in Human Evolutionary Genomics in my lab @Yale! Join us!… Retweeted by paleogenomics

Felicidades @kaboosari por el reconocimiento a su trabajo en @elpaismexico Fue un honor acompañar a Juan Esteban en su comité de maestría, donde desarrolló este trabajo bajo la supervisión de @morestrada y orgullosa de tenerlo en mi lab antes de su ingreso al doct en @Stanford…

A nice article about our recent publication led by @kaboosari (who we are looking forward to welcoming soon as a PhD student at Stanford) and who pursued this work under the supervision and vision of Andres Moreno Estrada (@morestrada & @moreno_lab) at @uga_langebio.… Retweeted by paleogenomics

I feel lucky to have great friends from college as collaborators in current research projects. My lab would be useless without the support and help from these friends. CC. @FSanchezQuinto @marce_save @DBM003

Cierro recordando que el acoso y la violencia tienen que ver con un desequilibrio en el poder. La violencia en la academia se relaciona directamente a un sistema estructurado sobre el desequilibrio y las jerarquías. Y por ahí debemos empezar a cambiar.… Retweeted by paleogenomics

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Dana Crawford

Professor of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences and Associate Director of the Cleveland Institute for Computational Biology, with interest in pharmacogenomics, electronic health records, and diverse populations. Also, an avid foodie!