Interested in Neuroscience Big Data? Make a quick trip to Cleveland! neurosciencenetwork.org/ACNN_Workshop_…

test Twitter Media - Interested in Neuroscience Big Data?  Make a quick trip to Cleveland! https://t.co/LwESKtDYhV https://t.co/npSGgU2lxi

Medicine is not a short answer task. Explanations matter! twitter.com/rogerschank/st… Retweeted by Will Bush

.@MarylynRitchie presenting on a public resource for DiscovEHR association results #ASHG16

Corinne Simonti - fantastic work with Tony Capra @vanderbilt regarding regulatory potential of TEs #ASHG16 Retweeted by Will Bush

AS: Whole Blood eQTLs show enrichments for trait associations in only half the traits tested #ASHG16

Ayellet Segre on eQTL integration with GWAS as part of GTEx #ASHG16

AB: contrasting age, telomere length, and loss of X, Y, and copy number of Mitchochondrial genome. #ASHG16

DM: New gnomAD dataset with 126K exomes and 15K genomes- complex variant calling process to consolidate multiple studies #ASHG16

DM: ExAC success due to large and diverse sample sets; still not large enough for lots of questions #ASHG16

Dan McArthur (@dgmacarthur) up to discuss the data aggregation (and I assume ExAC consortium work!) #ASHG16

#ASHG16 great question about confounding biological and clinical factors from DT PheWAS on lab values...

RD: Implementation/return of results for 27 actionable diseases - 3.5% of sequenced participants. #ASHG16

RD: "essential" genes less tolerant to LOF variants #ASHG16

Rick Dewey on the #DiscovEHR project - a Geisinger Regeneron collaboration with exome-seq on 50K. #ASHG16

Lessons in good conf. centre design #1: toilets immediately outside main ballroom #ASHG16 Retweeted by Will Bush

#ASHG16 NT using emergency contact information to link EHRs by familial relationships

Nick Tatonetti up to discuss using EHRs to study heritability of disease without genetics #ASHG16

#ASHG16 HD: Need to foster model where cross disciplinary is rewarded [ Not the case now. Big science and solo rewarded in academia mostly ] Retweeted by Will Bush

Epistasis in the Presidential Address at #ASHG16!

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Will Bush

William S. Bush, Ph.D., is a human geneticist and bioinformatician, and Assistant Professor within the Cleveland Institute for Computational Biology and the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences at Case Western Reserve University.