ICB Computational Biology Core

The Computational Biology Core is a collaborative and/or fee for service facility within the Institute aimed at providing computational and analytical support for a variety of research questions.  Modern high-throughput experiments generate massive amounts of data that must be processed and checked extensively for quality control.  The Computational Biology Core supports these experiments with standardized and custom pipelines for data processing and analysis of next-generation sequencing data.

What kinds of experiments will the core support?

The Computational Genomics Core will support a variety of experimental designs and analyses, both for ICB-based projects and for research across the Cleveland area.  These may include:

  • RNA-seq experiments  
  • DNA sequencing for genomic variant identification
  • De novo assembly of genomes
  • ChIP-seq and other functional genomics experiments

In addition to these basic study designs, we also support various analysis approaches for extracting new biological insights from large-scale ‘omics data, including"

  • Differential expression analysis
  • Microbiome analysis
  • Transcriptional Isoform analysis
  • Allele-specific expression
  • Pathway or Function based enrichment analyses
  • Gene and Variant annotation

How do I get started?

Experiments should start with experimental design and we are happy to assist you from the very beginning.  Feel free to contact Ricky Chan (erc6@case.edu) for a consultation appointment.

We work closely with the sequencing cores of Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic and can help determine your sequencing and analysis needs as well as provide you with a cost estimate. 


Who are the Core's Primary Faculty?