It’s no secret that we like us some sushi.  I have already extolled the virtues of CLE-style sushi at Pacific Rim East and SASA.  For those special nights, we go to Ginko in Tremont.  And save for the random sushi on some menus and the various noodle and rice places (like the English/Japanese combo that […]


Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhD What:  Lolita Where:  900 Literary Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113 Finishing your PhD is a big deal, so let’s treat it as the accomplishment that it is!  As you might have guessed, my recognition of a student’s accomplishments always involves food.  Good and plentiful! Schedule permitting, I invite my student and […]

Fat Cats

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhDWhat:  Fat CatsWhere: 2061 W 10th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113  During the days of my recruitment to CWRU, the Department and Institute pulled out all the stops. An impressive part of the process included spending a day touring Cleveland with two women from Executive Arrangements, Inc. At first I equated them […]


Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhDWhat:  GinkoWhere:  2247 Professor Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113 If you like food, the first thing you hear about when moving to or visiting Cleveland is Tremont. Tremont is a Cleveland neighborhood west of the Cuyahoga River and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as it is one of […]