Time to Give Thanks for Good News

It’s the middle of the fall semester, so it’s time for some good news updates from the Crawford Crew!

Both former Crawford Crew members Drs. Nicole Restrepo and Logan Dumitrescu recently received an NSF travel award to present work from the Crawford lab at the 2016 Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. Also receiving a travel award from NLM/NIH for the same conference was Haines post-doctoral fellow Dr. Jessica Cooke Bailey. Aloha!

Two former Crawford Crew members have new positions. Dr. Janina Jeff, currently a post-doctoral fellow at Mount Sinai, has recently accepted a position with Illumina and will begin November 30th. Dr. Jennifer Malinowski, formerly at Yale University, is now an associate analyst of the Genetic Test Evaluation Program at Hayes, Inc. Jennifer is also doing freelance scientific writing.

Last but not least: new papers have been published from the Crawford lab. Congratulations to Jennifer on her publication of cryptic relatedness in NHANES recently published in Frontiers in Genetics. Also, congratulations to Logan and Nicole for publishing the ancestry PheWAS work in EAGLE BioVU. This article has only been out for less than two weeks and has already attracted 648 views in BioData Mining!  And, congratulations go out to Dr. Matt Oetjens for his first publication as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Michigan in the Kidd lab.

Speaking of Matt, he recently announced at ASHG that he will be getting married this summer!  Best wishes to the happy couple!

Let’s hope 2016 will be bringing more good news for the Crawford Crew, past and present!

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Dana Crawford

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