Lox, Stock, and Brisket

Good food prepared relatively quickly for pick-up is hard to find.  Face it:  most prepared or quick food is junk, and we’re better off cooking something at home.  But, that requires time.  And planning.  We never have enough of the former, and the latter just makes me tired thinking about it.  So, while recent surveys […]

On The Rise Artisan Bread and Pastries

“Is that from On The Rise?”  Well, good morning to you too, Dr. Jill Barnholtz-Sloan!  Never had I met someone who could name a bread’s origin in less than ten seconds after seeing it.  The bread in question was part of a sandwich I was enjoying for my “second breakfast.” Steve and I recently tried […]

Local West

Calling all hipsters and those who like to eat!  Looking for a fun lunch or dinner that won’t break the bank?  Look no further than Local West located on Detroit Shoreway. Local West opened in 2015 after converting and renovating an existing fast-food building.  Consequently, Local West has a parking lot, a feature hard to […]