Samson Pavilion and COVID-19

Steve Campbell, VP for Campus Planning and Facilities Management

Fri, Oct 2, 4:04 PM

To Faculty, Staff and Students in the Health Education Campus:

Today’s news that the President and First Lady tested positive for COVID-19 has understandably raised concerns regarding the possibility of transmission among those who those who learn and work in Samson Pavilion.

We have consulted with colleagues at Cleveland Clinic and CBRE, who already had conducted extensive cleaning and disinfecting Wednesday and planned to continue those efforts this evening. As a result of this morning’s news, CBRE is intensifying and expanding these efforts to include additional rooms as well as open areas. As you may know, classroom furniture was removed from many of the rooms used for the debate; nevertheless, it too will be cleaned and sterilized after returning to the respective spaces.

These additional measures are being taken out of an abundance of caution. The actual risk of infection transmission from surfaces is fairly low.

The only modifications to the building’s ventilation and cooling systems involved temporary installation of air conditioners above the candidates’ podiums. Those have been removed. Given the HVAC system’s repeated fresh air changes since Tuesday night, any viral aerosols existing then have been purged from the building.

We regret that this development raised new worries just as Samson was returning fully to its original purpose. We know that preparations for the debate represented a significant imposition while you were still in the building, and also when you had to transition to remote instruction for stage construction’s final days. We wish you a safe and smooth return to Samson Monday.

Stephen Campbell
Senior Vice President for Campus Planning and Facilities Management

Case Western Reserve University
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH, 44106
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