Dynomite Burgers and Sushi

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhDWhat:  Dynomite Burgers and SushiWhere:  779 East 185th Street, Cleveland, OH 44119 If you are member of a certain cohort, the mention of “dynomite” conjures specific images and sounds. Apparently, here in Cleveland, “dynomite” conjures images of burgers…and sushi? Dynomite Burgers opened in Playhouse Square in 2013 as a walk-up and […]

Ninja City Kitchen & Bar

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhDWhat:  Ninja City Kitchen & BarWhere:  11311 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106 Will Bush and I are always looking for new lunch places within walking distance of CWRU, and this past February we stumbled upon Ninja City. If you find yourself walking up and down Euclid in Uptown looking for the […]

Crop Kitchen

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhDWhat:  Crop KitchenWhere:  11460 Uptown Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106 As I mentioned in a previous post, my initial parking spot at CWRU involved a long walk to the office. For a few months, I walked past some space with a sign that mentioned Crop Kitchen was coming soon. What was this […]

Coquette Patisserie

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhDWhat:  Coquette PatisserieWhere:  11607 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106 Like most universities or medical centers, parking is sparse. Faculty and staff jockey for position for the privilege of a parking spot in the same city as the office. CWRU is no different. So, it should have been no surprise that as […]