Associate Director for Population and Diversity Research

Dana Craw­ford, PhD, is Pro­fes­sor in the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences and Associate Director for Population and Diversity Research in the Cleveland Insti­tute for Com­pu­ta­tional Biol­ogy. She also has a secondary appointment in the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences. Dr. Craw­ford received her Ph.D. at Emory Uni­ver­sity in genet­ics and mol­e­c­u­lar biol­ogy in 2000 and then trained as a post-doctoral fel­low as an Epi­demic Intel­li­gence Ser­vice Offi­cer at the Cen­ters for Dis­ease Con­trol and Pre­ven­tion (2000–2002) and as a senior fel­low at the Uni­ver­sity of Washington’s Depart­ment of Genome Sci­ences (2002–2006). Prior to her most cur­rent posi­tion, Dr. Craw­ford spent eight years as tenure-track fac­ulty in the Depart­ment of Mol­e­c­u­lar Phys­i­ol­ogy and Bio­physics and Inves­ti­ga­tor in the Cen­ter for Human Genet­ics Research at Van­der­bilt Uni­ver­sity. As a genetic epi­demi­ol­o­gist at CWRU, Dr. Crawford’s broad research inter­ests include apply­ing genetic vari­a­tion data to large-scale epi­demi­o­logic and clin­i­cal cohorts to bet­ter under­stand human genotype-phenotype asso­ci­a­tions with an empha­sis on diverse populations.

Recent Publications

  1. Verma, A, Tsao, NL, Thomann, LO, Ho, YL, Iyengar, SK, Luoh, SW, Carr, R, Crawford, DC, Efird, JT, Huffman, JE et al.. A Phenome-Wide Association Study of genes associated with COVID-19 severity reveals shared genetics with complex diseases in the Million Veteran Program. PLoS Genet 2022; 18 (4): e1010113. PubMed PMID:35482673 PubMed Central PMC9049369.
  2. Menon, R, Bomback, AS, Lake, BB, Stutzke, C, Grewenow, SM, Menez, S, D'Agati, VD, Jain, S, Kidney Precision Medicine Project. Integrated single-cell sequencing and histopathological analyses reveal diverse injury and repair responses in a participant with acute kidney injury: a clinical-molecular-pathologic correlation. Kidney Int 2022; : . PubMed PMID:35339536 .
  3. Peloso, GM, Tcheandjieu, C, McGeary, JE, Posner, DC, Ho, YL, Zhou, JJ, Hilliard, AT, Joseph, J, O'Donnell, CJ, Efird, JT et al.. Genetic Loci Associated With COVID-19 Positivity and Hospitalization in White, Black, and Hispanic Veterans of the VA Million Veteran Program. Front Genet 2021; 12 : 777076. PubMed PMID:35222515 PubMed Central PMC8864634.
  4. Jin, B, Capra, JA, Benchek, P, Wheeler, N, Naj, AC, Hamilton-Nelson, KL, Farrell, JJ, Leung, YY, Kunkle, B, Vadarajan, B et al.. An association test of the spatial distribution of rare missense variants within protein structures identifies Alzheimer's disease-related patterns. Genome Res 2022; 32 (4): 778-790. PubMed PMID:35210353 PubMed Central PMC8997344.
  5. Huynh-Le, MP, Karunamuni, R, Fan, CC, Asona, L, Thompson, WK, Martinez, ME, Eeles, RA, Kote-Jarai, Z, Muir, KR, Lophatananon, A et al.. Prostate cancer risk stratification improvement across multiple ancestries with new polygenic hazard score. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2022; : . PubMed PMID:35152271 .
  6. Darst, BF, Hughley, R, Pfennig, A, Hazra, U, Fan, C, Wan, P, Sheng, X, Xia, L, Andrews, C, Chen, F et al.. A Rare Germline HOXB13 Variant Contributes to Risk of Prostate Cancer in Men of African Ancestry. Eur Urol 2022; 81 (5): 458-462. PubMed PMID:35031163 PubMed Central PMC9018520.
  7. Liu, S, Crawford, DC. Maturation and application of phenome-wide association studies. Trends Genet 2022; 38 (4): 353-363. PubMed PMID:34991903 PubMed Central PMC8930498.
  8. Butler, CR, Appelbaum, PS, Ascani, H, Aulisio, M, Campbell, CE, de Boer, IH, Dighe, AL, Hall, DE, Himmelfarb, J, Knight, R et al.. A Participant-Centered Approach to Understanding Risks and Benefits of Participation in Research Informed by the Kidney Precision Medicine Project. Am J Kidney Dis 2021; : . PubMed PMID:34871700 .
  9. Nealon, CL, Halladay, CW, Kinzy, TG, Simpson, P, Canania, RL, Anthony, SA, Roncone, DP, Sawicki Rogers, LR, Leber, JN, Dougherty, JM et al.. Development and Evaluation of a Rules-based Algorithm for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma in the VA Million Veteran Program. Ophthalmic Epidemiol 2021; : 1-9. PubMed PMID:34822319 .
  10. Kaur, H, Crawford, DC, Liang, J, Benchek, P, COGENT BP Consortium, Zhu, X, Kallianpur, AR, Bush, WS. Replication of European hypertension associations in a case-control study of 9,534 African Americans. PLoS One 2021; 16 (11): e0259962. PubMed PMID:34793544 PubMed Central PMC8601554.
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Featured Publications

Investigating the relationship between mitochondrial genetic variation and cardiovascular-related traits to develop a framework for mitochondrial phenome-wide association studies.

Mitchell SL, Hall JB, Goodloe RJ, Boston J, Farber-Eger E, Pendergrass SA, Bush WS, Crawford DC,. Mitochondria play a critical role in the cell and have DNA independent of the nuclear genome. There is much evidence that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variation plays a role in human health and disease, however, this area of investigation has […]

Utilization of an EMR-biorepository to identify the genetic predictors of calcineurin-inhibitor toxicity in heart transplant recipients.

Oetjens M, Bush WS, Birdwell KA, Dilks HH, Bowton EA, Denny JC, Wilke RA, Roden DM, Crawford DC,. Calcineurin-inhibitors CI are immunosuppressive agents prescribed to patients after solid organ transplant to prevent rejection. Although these drugs have been transformative for allograft survival, long-term use is complicated by side effects including nephrotoxicity. Given the narrow therapeutic […]

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Excited to be in Denver for #ARVO2022! I present tomorrow morning in the Glaucoma Genetics Session. My talk is entitled "Cross-Ancestry Glaucoma Genetic Risk Score in Hispanic Veterans in the Million Veteran Program." Retweeted by Dr. Dana Crawford

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Our latest MVP research findings co-led with @JennyGenetics and Yan Sun: Genetic Loci Associated With COVID-19 Positivity and Hospitalization in White, Black, and Hispanic Veterans of the VA Million Veteran Program frontiersin.org/article/10.338… Retweeted by Dr. Dana Crawford

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After careful consideration and input from our cat Starbright, I choose comparative genomics! I previously did research in comparative genomics, and I remain smitten with this exciting area of work. It’s basically opening up evolution’s notebooks about so many adorable critters! Retweeted by Dr. Dana Crawford

On this day 10 years ago, I become the first African American to get a PhD in Human Genetics from @vanderbiltu 🖤 Happy Valentine’s Day and Black History & Futures Month! 🖤🧬🖤🧬 Retweeted by Dr. Dana Crawford

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Our @VAResearch MVP COVID-19 GWAS paper is live in @FrontiersIn Genetics! Includes hospitalization, severity, and in-depth look at ABO blood type. Great team effort Gina, Dan, @ines_catherine, @tassimes, Yan, & rest of WG. shorturl.at/fqPT1 Retweeted by Dr. Dana Crawford

Featured in this month's issue: a remembrance of Steve Warren, former @AJHGNews Editor & @GeneticsSociety President bit.ly/3pX43jU Retweeted by Dr. Dana Crawford

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