The city of Cleveland is booming!  Listed as one of the New York Times 52 places to go in 2015 and National Geographic's Places You Need to Visit in 2018, Cleveland has a vibrant restaurant and bar scene, with lots of festivals, sporting events, and museums.  In fact, Time magazine ranked Cleveland #7 as America's Best Food Cities for 2015!  The members of the Institute for Computational Biology frequently enjoy these comforts of Cleveland, and we are happy to share our experiences here with you.  Thoughts and opinions are of their respective post authors and do not reflect those of any institution or official agency.

ICB Sponsored softball team Undefeated!

Yes, the ICB sponsors a Cleveland Heights Rec League softball team!  After an inaugural season of figuring out what to do with a bat, ball and bases, the Away Team’s (GO AWAY!, Go AWAY!) second season is off to an excellent start (a win, 11-7).  Join the team Monday nights at Forest Hills park!

Pacific East

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhD What:  Pacific East Where:  28601 Chagrin Blvd, Suite 850, Woodmere, OH 44122 I have to admit this place has a special place in my heart.  I first discovered Pacific East when I started at CWRU but had not yet moved here to Cleveland.  I was staying at a hotel out […]

Cleveland’s Little Italy Feast of Assumption

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhD What:  Little Italy’s Feast of Assumption Where:  12021 Mayfield Road, Cleveland, OH 44106 New York, for sure. Philadelphia, yes I learned this first-hand from traveling. But, Cleveland? I really had no idea…. I really had no idea that Cleveland has a sizeable Italian-American population. I have never equated Cleveland with […]


Who: Dana C. Crawford, PhD What: MIX at CMA Where: 11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106 Many of us in the Institute for Computational Biology have primary appointments in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. The Department is large and diverse, and lucky for us, pretty friendly. Case in point are the regular happy hours organized by junior […]


Who: Dana C. Crawford, PhD What: Noodlecat Where: 234 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114 What’s better than having ramen on Saturday? Having ramen on Sunday, too! Post-doctoral fellow Dr. Jessica Cooke Bailey and her husband Matt have been raving about Noodlecat ever since we moved here. Every few weeks, we would vow to get together […]

Flying Cranes Café and Catering

Who: Dana C. Crawford, PhD What: Flying Cranes Café and Catering Where: 13002 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44120 Where does East meet West? In Larchmere, apparently. Steve and I were recently out and about on the weekend preparing to pick paint colors at the Home Depot. I, for one, cannot complete such as task on […]

Amish in Geauga county Ohio

Who: Dana C. Crawford, PhD What: Amish in Geauga county Where: Middlefield, OH What do we look for when shopping for a new home? Location, location, location. Steve and I both agree that long commutes to and from work are out of the question. Consequently, we live close to campus, an area not known for […]

The Fairmount

Who: Dana C. Crawford, PhD What: The Fairmount Where: 2448 Fairmount Blvd Cleveland Heights, OH 44106 Every in-town neighborhood has one (or ought to have one): a watering hole perfect for informal gatherings.   The Fairmount is one such place located in the middle of the Cedar-Fairmount shopping district. The Fairmount serves food and drink nightly […]

Momocho Mod Mex

Who: Dana C. Crawford, PhD What: Momocho Mod Mex Where: 1835 Fulton Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113 For most families, the celebration of Thanksgiving heralds the official beginning of the holidays culminating with the end of the year. For me, Thanksgiving puts me in a panic. Mom’s birthday is fasting approaching, and I am not prepared! […]

The Red Shoes with Kathryn Morgan

Who: Dana C. Crawford, PhD What: Kathryn Morgan and The Red Shoes Where: Playhouse Square, 1501 Euclid Ave #200, Cleveland, OH 44115 Much like my manuscripts, grants, and other official work duties, I find myself perpetually late in fulfilling my blog duties. Consequently, I write about events and dining experiences that took place months ago […]

SASA and Shaker Square Cinemas

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhD What: SASA and Shaker Square Cinemas Where: 3120 Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH 44120 Back many moons ago, I attended the movies in a theater regularly. Summer nights were dictated by hotly anticipated movie premiers from my pre-teen through teenage years.   Early in my movie-going years, I was terrified of Imperial […]

Club Isabella

Who:  Dana C. Crawford, PhD What:  Club Isabella Where:  2175 Cornell Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106 One perk of the new job that recruiters mentioned but I failed to fully appreciate is the proximity of CWRU to Little Italy. Little Italy is packed with restaurants, cafes, and galleries along with condos and a few free-standing houses. […]