The city of Cleveland is booming!  Listed as one of the New York Times 52 places to go in 2015 and National Geographic's Places You Need to Visit in 2018, Cleveland has a vibrant restaurant and bar scene, with lots of festivals, sporting events, and museums.  In fact, Time magazine ranked Cleveland #7 as America's Best Food Cities for 2015!  The members of the Cleveland Institute for Computational Biology frequently enjoy these comforts of Cleveland, and we are happy to share our experiences here with you.  Thoughts and opinions are of their respective post authors and do not reflect those of any institution or official agency.

Ballet in the City (Sonia Rodriguez)

Winter is coming, so you know what that means…figure skating!  And, this isn’t just any year–it’s a we’re-heading-into-another-Olympic-cycle year! The double exclamation point opening doesn’t begin to describe my excitement.  I have loved figure skating since I can remember.  I had a Dorothy Hamill doll, I was completely confused and upset that Tia and Randy […]

Cleveland Botanical Garden (GLOW)

It’s the holidays!  Whether you are decking the halls, lighting the menorah, or not giving bah humbug about it, Cleveland has a host of festivities to keep everyone happy until the end of the year.  One such perennial holiday favorite is GLOW at the Cleveland Botanical Garden located in University Circle. GLOW typically runs from […]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Is company coming to town?  And you live in Cleveland?  Oh, you know where you’re going to take them: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Figure 1)!                   Many American cities are tied to specific or regional music so much so that they could be SAT […]

Table 45

As a profession, academia is quite social.  Sitting alone in your office will not get you promoted.  No—you have to show that you know people and that they like your work.  If they really like you, they’ll invite you for a visit.  And, with a visit comes a meal or two. As an organizer of […]

Blossom Music Center

It’s summer in Cleveland!  What does that mean?  Sun!  Vitamin D!  And, Blossom! The Blossom Music Center, located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Cuyahoga Falls, is the home of the Cleveland Orchestra and other musical guests during the summer.  Blossom is an outdoor amphitheater in the middle of the park, a setting that […]

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA is only ~135 miles southeast of Cleveland.  A mere two hour drive.  A hop-skip-and-a-jump, really.  So why is it so many Clevelanders never utter the city’s name, let alone visit it? The answer to this question seems as complicated as landing a great quarterback from the NFL draft.  Yes, apparently much of this […]


I don’t know about you, but when I used to think about Italian food, I would immediately think of spaghetti and meatballs smothered in marinara sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese.  This of course is a very narrow view of Italian cuisine reflecting my inexperience at the time with all the variety it has to […]

Mabel’s BBQ

What do Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina all have in common?  My husband or I have lived in all three states at some point in our lives.  And all are well known for their BBQ.  Seriously.  We are not kidding.  It’s a big thing in the southeast. So it came as a great shock to […]

Tavern of Little Italy

When we think of Little Italy, we think of pasta and cannoli.  Maybe some pizza.  All washed down with some chianti or the like.  But, gastropub?  Surely you must be mistaken. Well, apparently not.  And, don’t call me Shirley! The Tavern of Little Italy (TOLI), opened in early 2016 and located in, well, Little Italy, […]

Urban Farmer

I know, I know.  Heavy consumption of red meat is bad.  It’s bad for your health (PMCID:PMC4409470).  It’s bad for the environment.  And, the situation is not all that great for the animal. Oh, but red meat, I love you so!  So much so, that some know me as “carnivorous Crawford.”  I can’t tell you […]

The Tap House at Fat Head’s Brewery

Like every hip American city, Cleveland has a very active local microbrew scene.  I have already visited and written about a few of them, including the widely distributed Great Lakes Brewing Company.  I would be remiss if I did not post about Fat Head’s. If you are not familiar with Fat Head’s, take a look […]