Shaker Square Market

Who:  Jessica Cooke Bailey, PhD

What: Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Where:  Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH 44120

The North Union Farmer’s Market is held year-round in several locations throughout the Cleveland area; I have been vising the one held at Shaker Square at least twice a month since relocating to Cleveland in December of 2013. We truly enjoy making a visit to the market a part of our normal Saturday routine. From April through mid-December, the market is held outdoors in the center of Shaker Square from 8am-12noon. Once the snow starts falling, it is held indoors between Dewey’s Coffee Café and CVS Pharmacy on North Moreland Blvd. Don’t let the cold deter you – there’s plenty to be found here even during the winter. On my most recent visit I chatted with new and established vendors and snapped a few photos to share. You’ll find a variety of fruits and vegetables, eggs, breads, meats, salsa, cheeses, honey, syrup, candles, lotions and many other items as well as vendors and artists selling their wares and singers sharing their talent. Some of my favorites (pictured below) are Uncommon Grains (gluten free treats), Saucisson (artisan meats), Blaze Gourmet (amazing salsa), and Morningsong Gardens (candles, lotions, creams, soaps). Be sure to check these and others out – it feels great knowing that you’re supporting local businesses and you won’t regret your purchases, as the quality of these items is fantastic. When you visit, give yourself at least an hour or so to fully enjoy the experience – I suggest grabbing a coffee or a latté at Dewey’s first, then taking a leisurely stroll through the two buildings that house the market. Take the time to talk to the vendors and sample their products -  it has been a wonderful experience getting to know the people that work there, seeing them every week and learning about their classic and new products, their goals and their progress. Clevelanders might surprise you with how friendly and cool they can be!

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Will Bush

William S. Bush, Ph.D., is a human geneticist and bioinformatician, and Assistant Professor within the Cleveland Institute for Computational Biology and the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences at Case Western Reserve University.